Birding at Los Colibris – Los Colibrís

Birding at Los Colibris


Todos Santos, like all of Baja California Sur, is comprised of a diverse range of ecosystems in a small geographic area, which means that we attract a vast array of birdlife - over 430 species have been spotted in Baja California Sur, and about one-third of those, including several of the endemic species, can be found in the vicinity of Los Colibris. All the terraces, patios and balconies at Los Colibris are terrific bird watching locations so don't forget your binoculars!

Avibase keeps an excellent database of the birds of Baja California Sur which you can find here:

We love the birds of Baja so much that we published a book of Baja bird photographs, Birding in Baja California Sur. This is not a bird identification book, but rather a bird habitat book that we hope will inspire those who see it to not only explore the great bird bounty of Baja, but to help conserve the estuaries, dunes, coastlines, mountains, islands, deserts, oases, bays and mangroves that make Baja such a magnet for birds.